15th August 2019 is THE date of release of muuuuch awaited Sacred Games season 2.
With our heart broken into pieces and our heart up our sleeves, the season 1 of the same created a stir and anticipation between the viewers which was unmatched and unprecedented like ever before.

Less than “25” days to go.

We were already not keeping calm and then Netflix released the photos of the season 2 cast and it has blown our minds away.

But the look that is the most recurring in the fans insta story is that of Pankaj Tripathi aka Guruji. The dripping Dapper personality can’t keep us calm and everyone is shitting their minds off. WE.CANT.WAIT.

The level of sassy swag the entire cast is sporting is one to die for. It’s going to be a crazier second season. Based on Vikram Chandra award winning book – The sacred games, the series was able to create an awe and these pictures are forcing us binge watch it again.

Have a look.