If you are an engineer student or are connected to computer science in any way. So you need to keep yourself updated ,if you want to create a good future in computer science. And you need to more knowledge to fulfill market requirements. Here are some apps that provide you courses for free and all some of this not only provides you courses but also a good competition across the world.

You can learn many demanding skills here, all of which are free and they also provide you with certificates when the course is complete, which can make your resume look good.

1.Programing Hub


Programing hub is one of the best programing app. You can learn alot languages here like HTML, C, C + +, Ruby ,JavaScript ,C#, Swift ,python ,R program ,Java ,artificial intelligence ,CSS many others.


And this coding and Programming app is created with collaboration with Google expert. It is easy to use and it is fun. The best part of this app is that there is no ads problem. And it is free to use. You can learn your programing here if you are beginner and also for intermediate programmers.



Grasshopper is a app recently launched by Google for beginners .It let you learn JavaScript through interactive quizzes of drawing shapes .Whose answer you have to give by function like Dropbox() function ,newline ()function etc.


It also have quizzes with MCQ to make you learn faster. Grasshopper teaches you how to learn programming in series of fun moni-game. The goal of Grasshopper app is to coding make feel fun and approachable.


Google play

Sololearn is wonderful programing app and highly recommended app which give you many option to learn almost any language like C, C ++,Python, HTML, CSS ,Java ,PHP, Swift and many other .


It is hardly recommended app for beginner and intermediate . It teaches you different concept by quizzes ,fill the blanks, practice with example and the playing with friends and other people across the world.


udemy is one of the popular online platform for learning. It’s provide many programming languages for free. You can earn a lot of knowledge or skills, by one of the best professor across the world. It’s also provide certificate after completion of your course.

Udemy is a online learning destination that helps students to gain knowledge. There are alot of courses, some of them are for free and some are paid courses.

5. <enki/>


Enki is like a daily workout app , but here you are leaving up your coding skill by spending few minute over it.Just like 5 mint workout.


It is for everyone from beginner to more experienced coder . If you are a beginner you can learn web technologies before moving actually coding . Enki also help to learn subject related to programing like Linux command line and managing version control.

Happy programming🌸