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The Complete 18CS43 | Operating Systems Notes

  • 4.9
  • 2018 Scheme | CSE Department


Course Learning Objectives: This course (18CS43) will enable students to:

 Introduce concepts and terminology used in OS

 • Explain threading and multithreaded systems

 Illustrate process synchronization and concept of Deadlock

 Introduce Memory and Virtual memory management, File system and storage techniques

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What You’ll Learn

Module 1

Introduction to operating systems, System structures: What operating systems do; Computer System organization; Computer System architecture; Operating System structure; Operating System operations; Process management; Memory management; Storage management; Protection and Security; Distributed system; Special-purpose systems; Computing environments. Operating System Services; User - Operating System interface; System calls; Types of system calls; System programs; Operating system design and implementation; Operating System structure; Virtual machines; Operating System generation; System boot. Process Management Process concept; Process scheduling; Operations on processes; Inter process communication 08

Module 2

Multi-threaded Programming: Overview; Multithreading models; Thread Libraries; Threading issues. Process Scheduling: Basic concepts; Scheduling Criteria; Scheduling Algorithms; Multiple-processor scheduling; Thread scheduling. Process Synchronization: Synchronization: The critical section problem; Peterson’s solution; Synchronization hardware; Semaphores; Classical problems of synchronization; Monitors. 08

Module 3

Deadlocks : Deadlocks; System model; Deadlock characterization; Methods for handling deadlocks; Deadlock prevention; Deadlock avoidance; Deadlock detection and recovery from deadlock. Memory Management: Memory management strategies: Background; Swapping; Contiguous memory allocation; Paging; Structure of page table; Segmentation. 08

Module 4

Virtual Memory Management: Background; Demand paging; Copy-on-write; Page replacement; Allocation of frames; Thrashing. File System, Implementation of File System: File system: File concept; Access methods; Directory structure; File system mounting; File sharing; Protection: Implementing File system: File system structure; File system implementation; Directory implementation; Allocation methods; Free space management. 08

Module 5

Secondary Storage Structures, Protection: Mass storage structures; Disk structure; Disk attachment; Disk scheduling; Disk management; Swap space management. Protection: Goals of protection, Principles of protection, Domain of protection, Access matrix, Implementation of access matrix, Access control, Revocation of access rights, Capability- Based systems. Case Study: The Linux Operating System: Linux history; Design principles; Kernel modules; Process management; Scheduling; Memory Management; File systems, Input and output; Inter-process communication. 

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