VTU Notes | 18CS35 | Software Engineering - CSE

Introduction To Software Engineering

Module 1

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18CS35 | Software Engineering - CSE Module 1 VTU Notes

VTU 18CS35 Module - 1 Software Engineering

Module-1Introduction8 hours


Software Crisis, Need for Software Engineering. Professional Software Development, Software Engineering Ethics. Case Studies.


Software Processes:

Models: Waterfall Model (Sec 2.1.1), Incremental Model (Sec 2.1.2) and Spiral Model (Sec 2.1.3). Process activities.


Requirements Engineering:

Requirements Engineering Processes (Chap 4). Requirements Elicitation and Analysis (Sec 4.5). Functional and non-functional requirements (Sec 4.1). The software Requirements Document (Sec 4.2). Requirements Specification (Sec 4.3). Requirements validation (Sec 4.6). Requirements Management (Sec 4.7).

RBT: L1, L2, L3

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