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The Complete 18MAT11 | Calculus and Linear Algebra - Maths Notes

  • 4.9
  • 2018 Scheme | Maths Department


Her you can download the VTU CBCS 2018 Scheme notes, Study materials of 18MAT11 Calculus and Linear Algebra Notes.

  • The goal of the course Calculus and Differential Equations - 18MAT11 is: 
  • To facilitate the students with a concrete foundation of differential calculus 
  • To solve the first and higher-order ordinary differential equations enabling them to acquire the knowledge of these mathematical tools. 
  • To develop the knowledge of matrices and linear algebra in a comprehensive manner.


What You’ll Learn

Differential Calculus-1, Curvature and radius of curvature- Cartesian and polar forms. Differential Calculus-2, Applications of maxima and minima with illustrative examples. Jacobians-simple problems.

Integral Calculus: Review of elementary integral calculus. Multiple integrals Definitions, Relation between beta and gamma functions and simple problems.

Definitions, Relation between beta and gamma functions and simple problems. Nonlinear differential equations: Introduction to general and singular solutions ; Solvable for p only; Clairaut’s and reducible to Clairaut’s equations only.

Linear Algebra, Rank of a matrix-echelon form, Diagonalization of a square matrix of order two.


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