Psychologists can differentiate ungrateful children to those who have been victims of a toxic influence. For example clinical psychologists explain how the action of some parents can ruin the lives of their children. Now, first of all, it’s worth mentioning, that it is very difficult for any parents to raise their children.

But making innocent mistakes is pretty different from exhibiting toxic behavior toward their children. Such parents can cause massive emotional stress, mental stress and damage to their children. This all is done without realizing that it has a long-lasting negative impact on their children.

It is very important to recover from such behavior. So there are 10 Traits of toxic parents, who ruining their children’s lives.

1. Too many expectations


The first trait of toxic parents is that they expect their children to always perform to the highest in their ability. But when they do not receive the required appreciation from their parents. They expect a lot but give no praise for motivation in return. This is a source of the demotivation for children to which ultimately leads them to think that they are of no use.

2. Breach of privacy

A mom gossiping about her daughter

Parents are often complaining that their children do not share details of their personal life with them. But even when the children do share their problems, parents often share these details with relatives friends and neighbors. But this is not fair to children as it is a breach of their privacy. They may have an issue with trusting their parents again and will also hide things from them in the future.

3. Want success at any cost

Toxic parents want the children to succeed at any cost and they often compare them with the children who have achieved success. This comparison kills the spark in children and even if they want to do something worthwhile, they will think 10 times before opting for it.

4. Give instructions but don’t take ownership

Toxic parents screaming at a child

Some parents want full control of their children’s lives and expect their children to live according to their rules and expectation, but if something goes wrong such parents are not ready to take responsibility. They blame their children for the failure. Which can make their lives a misery. This trait of parents teach their kids never to take ownership of their own action and behavior.

5. Keep reminding that nothing belong to them

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This kind of toxic behavior from parents can drain children’s life. Such parents keep explicitly stating that everything such as the house and the money belongs to them emotionally manipulate their children. Toxic parents are often found saying “we have done so much for you, how can you think of leaving us?”

6. Children don’t get personal space

A father screaming at his son

Toxic parents do not allow any sort of private life of their children. Even when they have moved out into separate apartments and start independently lives. Such parents will always inquire about petty issues and frustrations. And when their children try to resist this unwanted invasion into their private life, parents accuse them of breaking their trust and hurting their feelings.

7. Keep reminding children of favor they did

Children of toxic parents are constantly told of the favor done by their parents. Initially parents themself offer help and appear to be emotionally hurt if refused. Then again and again they directly or indirectly keep reminding their children of the favor they did. Parents should realize that it will not do any.

8. Wanted children to be scared of them

Toxic parents can rarely ever be their children’s friends, they want to be loved unconditionally but also want to maintain a distance with their children they want their children to be afraid of them. such children spend their childhood in constant fear.

9. Blame children for their attitude


Many parents made their children to believe that they are responsible for their attitude. A parent who’s a chain smoker could keep expressing, how he smokes because of the pressure of earn for the children. Such toxic behavior could cause psychological damage to their children.

10. Discuss children’s mistakes all the time

And that toxic parents discuss all the time the mistake made by children, while other family parents encourage their children to forget their failure. Such toxic parents also pass comment on their children physical appearance and this demoralized children and make even them feel inferior as adult children.

At last, don’t waste your life by the influence of your toxic parents recognize whether your parents are toxic or not, maintain a fair distance from them if it helps you stay sane but do remember that you can not completely lose contact with your parents listen to their advice but follow your own thoughts as well.

Happy life!!🌸