Kuta beach Bali
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Kuta is a place on the south island of Bali, Indonesia which is mostly famous for its beach and resorts. Kuta has the best beachfront that is clean, wide and stretches around 5 kilometers. It is ideal for romantic walks. Kuta beach is also known as Sunset Beach. It is one of the most popular beaches in Bali. Kuta was originally a fishing village located towards Bali’s western side. It has something to offer to all kinds of travelers, whether they are families, couples in love or restless backpackers.

Once a simple, rustic and quiet fishing village, Kuta has witnessed a transformation over the past years. This is due to the rise of various accommodation options, dining and shopping scenes. The rapid growth owes much to visitors, beachcombers and art lovers from nearby Australia.

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Best time to visit Kuta

The best time to visit Kuta is April, May, June and September, just before and just after high season because it’s still dry season, it’s slightly less humid, and room prices and villa rentals can be 30-50% cheaper than during the high season. Many shops offer sales and promotions, restaurants are less crowded in those mid-season months, and in general Bali is a bit more relaxed. October is not too bad either, still much less rain than November. These months are also the best time for water sport activities such as scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, etc. Waters are clear, crowd not too bad etc. Also major activities and attractions such as the family parks and fun things to do (Bali Zoo, Bali Bird Park, Marine & Safari Park, Waterbom, White Water Rafting, Monkey Forest, etc) have less visitors which can make the experience far more enjoyable.

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What is it famous for?

Kuta Beach is famous for its unique culture like before Balinese New Year, the island erupts into colorful Melasti ceremonies of cleansing and purification. Parades of demonic effigies called Ogoh Ogoh converge on the beaches. But the main thing that Kuta is known for is its sunset view, party-centric atmosphere and surfing in the Indian Ocean. Kuta’s waves suit beginner to advanced surfers and many surf schools line the beach.The main attractions of Kuta Beach are its celebrations and festivals, Balinese theater and dance, Balinese shadow puppets, the colorful Kuta art market, Ceremonial masks and other handicrafts. The main beach roads of Jalan Kartika Plaza and Jalan Pantai Kuta are dotted with modern establishments, from numerous hotels, entertainment spots, shops big and small, and a mix of restaurants and bars.

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Things to do at Kuta Beach

There are lots of things to do at Kuta beach like one who visits the Kuta should just enjoy the warm waters of the beach, laze during the day, appreciate the photogenic sunsets and listen to nature’s symphony created when waves crash by. Sunbathing, surfing, swimming and beach soccer are favorite pastimes, while masseuses, hair braiders and peddlers roam the coast.

There are many things that can convince anyone that why he/she should visit this beach like this beach is mainly known for it to be strategic, affordable lodgings, the best place to do & learn surfing, a beautiful sunset, meeting new friends, lots of merchandise and souvenirs and last but not the least good place to play beach sports.

The sunset beach in Bali
One of the best view of sunset from Kuta Beach
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Is it worth the money?

So, overall if anyone who wants to spend some free time enjoying and relaxation then Kuta will be one of the best options for him/her. This Beach will give immense pleasure to anyone. This will not only make an individual trip better but it also helps in exploring and enhancing their lifestyle. One of the best parts of this Beach is that it has one of the best Sunset views in the world. Also, surfing conditions on this Beach is always extremely good so, for surfers Kuta Beach is like Mecca for them. If someone loves partying, adventuring, exploring places then the Kuta Beach will be heaven for them.   

One thing that I am very sure of is that one will never regret visiting this beach. So, in my opinion, one should visit this awesome place in order to enjoy his/her life and exploring the world. This Beach will definitely make its great impact on anyone who has ever visited here. Overall this Beach is worth visiting.