In this fashion era, everyone wants to be updated with the latest trends and keep themselves fashionable. In this modern world, we can’t expect women and a college girl, who doesn’t love to plug-in with the latest fashion trends. New emerging trends are followed not only by ladies but also by men. The all-new latest fashion trend is nose studs, nose rings, and nose hoops. Piercing nose and ear was just a tradition till now. But, now it is getting trendy! Now, girls are piercing their nostrils. Nose piercing and using nose rings is an excellent way to enhance your natural looks. Nose ring is now becoming the latest fashion trend.


If one wants to accessorize themselves with the artistic nose rings then, what one has to do is to just follow a few trends of nose rings. Although there is a limitation regarding the size of nose rings, they are available in a variety of textures, intricate designs; they use various stones, precious metals along with beads. One can get an elegant, ornamental, attractive look using nose rings. Currently, most common styles include nose screw, fishtail, l-shaped, bone and nose loops types of nose rings. Nose rings go with an Indo-western look as well as with ethnic and traditional wear like Lehenga, Saree. In urban societies, nose rings have recently become popular, because they offer distinct look to the face, and highlights facial features.


Nowadays, although girls are piercing their nostrils following the latest fashion trend, piercing nostrils are beneficial in many ways.

  • Health benefits: piercing the left side of the nose reduces pain during the menstruation period. It is said that the left side of the nostril is directly linked with the female reproductive organs and piercing nostril helps in easy delivery of the child.
  • Scientific benefit: as the nostril piercing is related to brain waves, the women having nose pierced are free from being controlled by others.
  • Spiritual healing: nose piercing helps in spiritual healing. That’s why people after a long illness, traumatic injury get their nose pierced for healing factors.
Nose ring


In India, the nose was meant not only for breathing and detecting smells but it was more than that. 6000 years old manuscripts and Vedic Scripts speak of nose piercing and nose rings. It is custom in India. Every bridal woman wears a nose jewel. Hippies traveled to India in the 1970s, and learned about the nose piercing and then they welcomed this custom and followed it. In other parts of the world, particularly in the South Africa nose jewels worn by Beja and Berber. They wore it for a show of their wealth. They believe that more large is the jewel, wealthier your family is.


In western cultures, nose rings are mostly for the adornment purpose. There is no Historical or Cultural meaning for that as in Indian, African and Muslim culture. Foreign celebrities including Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus have been wearing nose rings.

Nose rings of elegant and intricate design, charming colors, fascinating shapes, glamorous themes, modernized designs are easily available in online shops and that too in enormous variety. Different varieties of nose rings are attracting today’s modern mob to follow it as the trend. Nose ring can suit every facial structure and add beauty to it. Nose ring can add an ethnic as well as a modern effect to the one wearing it depending on its type, shape, size, color, design. Customized designs of this body jewelry, fascinating people all around the world. The fascinating, attractive nose rings although make women try it, the fact or the thought of painful piercing is furious. So to avoid that painful piercing nowadays, they are available in the market in the form of press clips.

‘Nose ring and nose jewel’ is the new trend hence worth trying!!!