Tencent Games is prepared to introduce a replacement Royale Pass (pubg mobile season 7).
As we tend to square measure on the brink of seeing season 6 finish and step into the season 7. The new Royale Pass is far just like the previous one and comes with a bunch of recent rewards. pubg mobile update

PUBG Mobile Season 7 details leaked
PUBG Mobile Season 7 details leaked

Say hello to the new royale pass

Mobile battle royale game PUBG Mobile is prepared to urge a replacement Royale Pass because the sixth season is returning to a finish in the week. The seventh season prepared to start next week. Like last time there are leaks with details concerning the approaching season seven further. And it’s assumed that the new season can go stomach the new content. The new details that have come back to light-weight are courtesy to a YouTube video from an adult male. Ghost diversion that mentions specific details concerning what we might see within the approaching season.pubg mobile update

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Like last time players can get one hundred RP points as reward on shopping for the Royale Pass and acquire to settle on between 2 outfits.
Once they reach Royale Pass level one hundred that square measure the Urban Scavenger or Assault Squad. These outfits square measure terribly almost like the special outfits that were discharged last time around.
And the purpose to the theme that Tencent Games is watching this year. Besides these, there’ll even be special outfits (in pubg new update).
And weapon skins for the AKM, Kar98, level one and three helmets, parachutes, etc. pubg mobile update

PUBG Mobile Season 7 details leaked | pubg mobile update | pubg new update
PUBG Mobile Season 7 details leaked

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Highlights and new ranking system

The highlight of the RP this point around may be the new flight path of the craft at the side of parachute path reward. There’s conjointly a black plane skin which is able to in all probability have the smoke path feature. Consistent with reports, the devs could also be wanting to feature a replacement system to the Royal Pass referred to as RP EZ Mission License that may embody weekly challenge missions and a few rewards. pubg mobile update

A new ranking system was conjointly noticed within the video that may offer medals. A replacement weapon referred to as the Skorpion is additionally within the list of things that may be supplemental this season. The Skorpion may be a handgun that uses 9mm arms, features a massive magazine and may be equipped with a stock, extended drum magazine, suppressor and a foregrip. This deadly handgun is reminiscent of a submachine gun in terms of fireplace rate and injury.

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