We look for hacks for just about everything – Whether it be smartphone photography hacks or cooking better to cope with everyday life. Essentially, hacks are the tricks or tips that help us do things efficiently and in lesser time.
With smartphones and similar devices becoming a major part of our lives, it is only natural we have some cool hacks for them as well. These hacks can not only help you save time, but can also simplify your user-experience.
In this article, we will give you some genius smartphone photography hacks which will make your photography journey a little better than it was before.

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So below down we have listed few smartphone photography hacks

Learn to manually adjust the exposure

Most smartphones perform in typical lighting conditions, but when the lighting gets too dim, too bright or too harsh, trouble can ensue. You can adjust for that by manually by tapping the phone’s screen, which reveals a vertical slider that you can use to brighten or darken the photo.

This is especially handy when the photo is too bright because darkening it allows you to prevent blown-out highlights, which are nearly impossible to recover in post-processing.

Use a time lapse app

Rather than having just one shot with a timer that you have to reset every few seconds, time-lapse apps do it all for you. You can move around, even turn that into a movie afterward, or just take single resolution shots that you can print out after for your family or yourself.

Smartphone photography hacks- time lapse app

There are several time-lapse apps available for iOS and Android, but I like Hyperlapse from Instagram and Microsoft Hyperlapse for Android best, mainly because of added features that smooth out bumpy shots.

Use Portrait mode to make your photos interesting

Good photographers know that the best shots pull your eye to one particular part of a shot, and they often often use a bunch of fancy lenses to create the effect of blurring out the background, or foreground of a shot, to make the subject super sharp and crystal clear. But smartphones put everything in focus at once. What are we supposed to do?

Portrait mode on an iPhone works great if you’re about eight-feet or less away from your subject and really just want the background blurred out.

Use Motion to Your Advantage

The technique is called panning, and it’s a hard one to implement on camera phones, but not impossible. To take some really cool panning photos, grip the camera securely with both hands for steadiness, and frame the moving subject matter on the LCD display. Then move the camera at a similar speed as the subject, causing the moving subject to appear still, while the background is blurred in motion.

Use Filters and Effects

Most Android smartphones today already has built-in filters and effects in the default camera app. This feature is more than useful; it’s also fun to use. You can change color hues and other effects to elevate your style and be creative.

But there are also beauty camera apps you can download on your phone that allows you to see the effects and filters working in real-time, like Sweet Selfie, Candy Camera, B612, and more. Or, you can add finishing touches later with Snapseed, VSCO, Pixlr and many others.

Use a tripod

A good tripod is absolutely essential, but for smartphone photographers it is usually left out. A steady hand is always better than a shaky one, but neither can match the tripod’s versatility when it comes to putting your own spin on your photos.

So these were the few Smartphone photography hacks that will enhance you pictures.