With a whole new generation is stepping forward and enjoying the popular American television sitcom ‘Friends’ created by  David Crane and Marta Kauffman which aired it’s last episode in 2004, the show is becoming immortal. From parents who enjoyed it in their time are sitting back enjoying the repeat telecast to the new budding generation humming “I’ll be there for you” everyone connects to this amazing series. ‘Friends’ might be officially ended but is able to pull its viewer, with up to 15 episodes are screened on Comedy Central daily.

The Popular Cast

The popular faces of Friends, Courteney Cox as Monica Geller, Jennifer Aniston playing Racheal Green, Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay, David Schwimmer playing Ross Geller, Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing, and last but not the least Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani. With each passing episode we find some of ourselves in these characters.  

So what makes Friends sooooo popular with every generation?

Friends is an amalgamation of every magic ingredient possible. From love to heart brakes, from success to failure and of course the amazing bond of friendship between six of them. It’s a story about us, it’s a story about every person suffering “life” in their adulthood. The key thing about Friends is that it spins the yard about people working out of their trouble and their way of life – their relationship, their work and their hardships. Friends is about group existence, it’s about the dynamic of family life and how they all love and stay with each other like one big family.

Is it a family show?

Since, ‘Friends’ is a 90’s show so there is no nudity or swearing, which makes it really innocent show to watch. It is filled with Joey insanity and Chandler’s sarcastic jokes which makes it even more lovable.

‘Friends’ writers always had a reality check on the plot, they never feared to show failure in professional or personal life. They portrayed all situations that a twenty-year debt-ridden adult faces in his life. The storyline is fun and entertaining at the same time it soo relatable that often on a gloomy day it is surreal that how easily by watching a random episode you feel relaxed.

And the seating of the show around Central perk, a coffee house where almost 60% of the scenes are being shot is the relatable setting for a group of friends. Almost most of us find yourselves along with our squad to the nearest coffee house sitting and basking in gossips and laughter.

Famous lines from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

There some of the most famous and hilarious lines

How you doing?” –Joey, is the most catchy pickup line with all of us at least once imitating it with the same accent and dialect. With Joey flirting with girls in his signature style he has stolen the hearts of many fans. T-shirts, phone covers, mugs and on many more has been printed with this famous phrase

“We were on a break!”-Ross, this phrase has been hitting laughs since the first season till the last one. With Ross shrieking on the top of his voice and Rachael denying it. The funniest being when Rachael teaches Ross’s son that they were not on a break. Nevertheless they settled on the conclusion that they love each other eventually.

And how can we forget this song?

YES! It’s our guilty pleasure song because we have been making snaps singing this, we have been singing it in the college corridors and it’s a gift to all the bathroom singers. Even we can read it straight we always hum the tune along with. Phoebe often sings this song in the entire series and we can’t help but fall with it more every time.

“Oh. My. God.” – Janice, Janice is the one most essentially irritating character of ‘Friends’. The way she uses her catchphrase OH MY GOD made us all say it similarly while irritating our friends and colleagues. On top of that we all have our “Janice” in our life who we love to hate.

We have our endless favorite moments from the show, which includes the adorable proposal of Chandler to Monica. Every ‘Friends’ fan ultimate wish is to see the one last reunion episode and being part of that magic journey that these six lived almost twenty years ago. It fits perfectly in the entertainment world with a definite recipe of fun, laughter, sarcasm, emotions, and friendship.  The subjectivity of the characters is the ultimate reason for Friends immortal-ness. The sitcom adjusts beautifully in our small life and we LOVE it!