screen shot of Gaurav Taneja's video on his channel FlyingBeast
screen shot of Gaurav Taneja’s video on his channel FlyingBeast

Youtuber Gaurav Taneja who is also a pilot for AirAsia airlines, held them responsible for violating safety norms. The allegations included the cost-cutting policies of the company. In addition to that, he mentioned COVID-19 related safety norms were violeted as well.

AirAsia suspended him on accounts of his work ethics. Currently, he is in a legal battle with his employers. Let’s have a look at what went down.

COVID-19 safety compromised

His tweet came on Sunday, 14th June, informing AirAsia suspended him. In addition to that, next day, on Monday, he released a video on his channel explaining everything. 

Gaurav Taneja mentioned that at the start of COVID-19 pandemic breakout a set of precautionary measures were there to follow for airlines. AirAsia did not follow up to them. As a result, Gaurav Taneja had to ensure these measures for the flight he was in charge of.

This flight was on 23rd of March. At that time, flights still hadn’t stopped amid lockdown.

Other Allegations Made by Gaurav Taneja

In addition to this he also explains how the company is cutting corners at the cost of public safety. AIrAsia has 98% “flap 3” mode landing policy. Flap 3 consumes less fuel but at the same time more suited for larger runways. The safer mode is “flap 4”, takes more fuel.

Taneja gave the example of Imphal airport, where the plane descends more steeply as compared to other airports when approaching for landing.

He said when an aircraft is coming down steeply, it needs to have a drag so that it remains slow, and in these circumstances a pilot has to do a “Flap full” landing. Gaurav Taneja tweeted this and showed the circular for the same as well.

He whistleblowed on many corruption related issues of the management. Everything is public via his twitter.

On 18th June, he made a follow up video for the same. A legal battle has started between him and a powerful corporate.

AirAsia probed by DGCA on Gaurav Taneja's allegations
AirAsia probed by DGCA on Gaurav Taneja’s allegations

the Directorate General of Civil Aviation tweeted, “DGCA has taken note of the concerns raised by some stakeholders against a particular airline and its approach to safety. DGCA has already started an investigation into the issues flagged and shall take appropriate action based on the outcome of the said investigation”.

Senior DGCA officials confirmed AirAsia India was under investigation after Taneja’s allegations.

Subramanian swamy’s tweet bringing out allegations against AirAsia

Moreover, Subramanian swamy tweeted in his support. to viw hi video click here.