In today’s time, competition has increased to such an extent that with this increased competition, an inner feeling of tension, unhappiness, and dissatisfaction has increased too. This inner feeling is nothing but stress!


         Stress is nothing but the natural response when you face difficult or dangerous situations or when one feels pressured to do or to feel something. It is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. Stress can come from anywhere, it can come from a very small to a very big thing or situation or challenge that makes you angry, feel unhappy, frustrated or nervous.

         Stress can be bad stress or good stress. Good stress makes you more effective and increases your speed and productivity while doing anything. Bad stress makes you physically ill and is responsible for emotional sickness. So, it becomes necessary to manage your stress to lead a happy and healthy life.

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 Some adverse effects of stress are:

body: headache, chest pain, fatigue, change in sex drive, muscle tension or pain, sleep problems, stomach upset.

On your mood: anxiety, lack of motivation or focus, restlessness, irritability or anger, sadness, depression.

On your behavior: angry outbursts, overeating, drug or alcohol misuse, social withdrawal, tobacco use, exercising less.

Effects of stress


           As stress has a very bad effect on our body and these bad effects can further lead to severe complications, it is necessary to manage our stress.

“In times of great stress or adversity,it’s always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive”

-Lee Iacocca

So the stress is not a permanent member in our beautiful and enthusiastic life. It can go by relaxing and we can let it go. Here, relaxing does not mean sleeping or not doing anything. The relaxing I am talking about is of many kinds and which is known as a stress buster. Following are some kind of stress busters that helps in reducing effects of stress

Stress busters


      One of first stress busters is the simplest thing that you can do to get rid of stress is listening to music. You can make your whole day melodious throughout by listening to music. Music takes us from this world of tension to the new world of relaxation and happiness. It has a direct connection with the brain so you must take care while listening to the type of music. A type of music can make you happy while another type can make you sad, so the choice is important. Mostly, romantic songs are preferred for relaxation.


      The second stress buster i.e. Dancing releases a type of hormone in the bloodstream that makes us feel happy. It reduces the level of stress hormone in our body which is known as Cortisol. It makes you feel alive and thus makes you feel happy. Dancing with others connects us to society members and helps to make more friends and this is another reason for happiness, improving mood and mental health. While dancing, body movement happens due to which stress, anxiety, and depression get reduced.


      Exercise is the best way to be relaxed. It relieves stress in several ways. Cardiovascular workouts stimulate brain chemicals which then enhances the working of nerve cells. Exercise increases the activity of norepinephrine and serotonin. There are various exercises that supply more oxygen to your brain, makes you feel internally satisfied. Exercise reduces the effect of the stress hormone by scattering it in the bloodstream and increasing the blood flow rate. We feel enthusiasm within us.


         Traveling means enjoyment and exploring new places. While leaving our workplace we leave all the worries, stress and all the things that make us unhappy far behind. While traveling we are in a different world and we are with a fresh mind, saying goodbye to worries. This is ultimately a vacation to your stressful mind. The positivity that comes through traveling, changes the body’s hormonal level to some extent. So, traveling relaxes, gives a soothing effect to our mind and brings happiness.


         It is now scientifically proven that playing video games is a stress buster. Unwinding and relieve stress is possible by playing video games. Video games are found to reduce people’s overall stress levels. Playing video games and winning in the game gives us confidence as well. So, Video games make us forget all the worries that we are having in our lives and thus it relaxes.


     One of the last stress busters is  Climbing and trekking. use a number of muscles in our body. It uses muscles from both the lower and upper parts of the body. Climbing offers a lot of health benefits. These health benefits are not only physical but also mental. It triggers our body to release stress-relieving happy hormones and reduces the level of stress hormone in our body. It is a great stress buster. Mountaineering improves our self-awareness and mental agility. Climbing requires mental awareness and a lot of problem-solving which makes our mind more used to different problems. Thus next time, when the body or mind faces any problem, in spite of being a stressed person tries to solve that. Mountaineering builds this positive approach and hence is a very powerful stress buster.


So, there are many ways by which you can reduce your stress and can get relaxation, take some time for yourself and let your enthusiasm and happiness to win over the stress!!