Technology is a strange piece, it comes with baring gifts with one hand and always stabbing with other.
We now live in world drenched with media and people go about in their life in their own little bubble. So many of us are living two lives, one on the social media and other “whatever remains from it”. Technology is strangely alienating us.

Within an electronic world more people may be connected but fewer are related.

It is questionable whether such “connection” matter at all. Ask yourself,

How deep, meaningful and purposeful are your real world relationship?”

“Now my friends text me happy birthday on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, some close one’s even put up beautiful collages. But I remember two years back once the clock struck 12 there were un-ending phone calls and people bumping in your house with surprises.

It’s all revolving on screens.
We are smitten by technology, before it was I have a feeling therefore I have to make a call now it is I want to have a feeling therefore there is a need to make a call.

“Who am I?”

Social media welcomes you to pseudo world of identity. “Who am I?”

It is scientifically proven by physicist angle that people who have a larger online persona are usually the exact opposite in their real life, because suddenly there is this one thing of who they are verses who they want to “portray”.

This false identity reflects their sense of isolation and loneliness.


If we are called by our parents or if we have an important work ourselves we turn a blind eye towards all of it. Our sheer loss of motivation and interest has a clear reason.

There are also health problems that are encountered due to addiction to this social media circle.
People have stopped having outdoor activities. There are many cases of anxiety and depression because of the overuse of technology.

Human relationship are rich, messy and demanding and we clean them up with technology. These days those phones in our pocket, out changing our minds and hearts because they often give us three gratifying fantasy.

One- we can put our attention wherever we want,

two- we will always be heard,

three- we will never be alone.