Every Indian dream of 2019 World cup crashed and ended on the 6th of July, extremely brutally (to say the least). But, In spite of playing graciously and beautifully in every other match, luck played a curveball with them in the semi-finale. I still believe the Indian cricket team is a phenomenal one-day international team, it’s just not a two-day international team. But, I hope the sun gets a ticket on Sunday for the finale.

While the whole country is in a shock and is mourning, there is a parallel mourning alongside, that MS Dhoni will retire. He is THE captain who won us the World cup of our dreams! An idol and a legend and where every emotion of him retiring is justifiable, assuming that he has announced the retirement from International cricket is just way too much.

Tweet: Pranav Sapra

Same feeling Pranav, same feeling.

Twitter on MSD

There is an organic twitter trend on fire #donotretiredhoni and #Dhoniforever. The social media who were asking The man himself to PROVE his metal on the number 4 is now crying it’s heart out about him leaving. (Hypocrisy much?)

MS Dhoni is the best wicket-keeper, captain and a blessing that the Indian Cricket team and the fans have got. He was the reason why people still had hope when Sachin got out at 18 runs. He is the longest six on the last ball and he is the helicopter shot.

Sorry Kane, Maybe in next life?
“Is MS Dhoni changing nationalities? If he does, we will consider him for New Zealand team”: Kane Williamson

For all the “Abhi na jao chorke” post, there isn’t any press release yet. And for the worst of it, the way he was demeaned, I think we don’t deserve him.