Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. This is only understood by people who shared a part of their life in hostel premises. Here are the secrets to the girls hostel room.

  • Major selfie-taking sessions.
  • Movies are a go nonstop.
  • Talk a lot….about everything on the planet earth.
  • Self-pampering and all the beauty hacks at practice.
  • Google the cute guy on the series.
  • The bitchy thing….the bitch about.
  • Major relationship advice.
  • Gyming sessions that don’t extend more than a week.
  • Holy crap…the mess food and the rules.
  • Food that comes from home always suffers “it was just here”.
  • Maggie to the rescue. Seriously, maggie is a lifesaver!
  • Major online shopping. Because shopping is more fun when you’re in a hostel.
  • Birthday surprises to the best.
  • Jamming sessions in the bathroom.
  • I have no clothes to wear and borrowing them.
  • Making or thinking to make the room prettier with pictures and decorative.
  • Complain about the men who broke your heart.
  • Catfights…..and I never wanna see your face again thing.
  • Major dance sessions in the room.
  • Hostel life sucks…welcome to real-world you simply love it.

So, these are the 22 things that happen in girls hostel. I know that many people can relate to this. Now that you know the secrets you sure want a share of this life!


I still miss my hostel life. But I can say that living in a hostel changes many people. They never remain the same. Everything has something good and something evil in it. So, overall I can say that you can choose what you have to become. At last, I want to say that thanks for reading this and I hope that you’ve liked the article. Do share your thoughts in the comments section.