Keanu Reeves, the name which we don’t need any introduction. Born in Canada, this actor gained huge fame for his roles in The Matrix, Pointbreak, Bill and Ted Franchise. Amongst all, John Wick franchise was the one which brought him critical praise and commercial success. Apart from acting, he is also famous for his music and producing and directing films. He began his acting career when he was nine years old as a theatre artist. For his role in John wick, Reeves learned Judo and  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Alas! As expected from a dedicated actor like him. Everybody is dying to know about is he getting married or not? Let’s find out.

Keanu Reeves

He is very much dedicated to his films but right now, he is not planning to get married. However, when this question was posed to him, he answered that it became very late for him for his marriage. But you could see the internet buzzes and trends all over regarding his marriage. One could see the buzz linked with marriage. Why that?

Keanu Reeves & his girlfriends

It all started way back in 1999. Reeves’ then-girlfriend, Jennifer Syme gave birth while she was eight months pregnant, however, the baby died. They even named the baby before giving birth as Ava Archer Syme-Reeves. Both the couple, with the baby’s death, was heartbroken, which resulted in their relationship break. Followed by Jennifer Syme’s accident in 2001, it took Keanu Reeves into depression. However, he did not stop making his films. Later he dated with China Chow in 2008 and Alexander Grant in 2019.

Winona Ryder, who is a good friend and co-actor of Keanu Reeves(Both of them starred in The Guardian), in a talk show, revealed that she has no interest in getting married but if she may be legally wedlock with Keanu Reeves. But, later on, both clearly stated that it was a joke.

Actor Keanu Reeves

What about the buzz on his marriage?

Sandra Bullock, who acted in Speed(1994) alongside Reeves, in an interview, talked about how handsome Keanu used to be during the shoot of Speed. Keanu also revealed his crush on Sandra at that time. After the talk show, fans had gone crazy about this and commented on the internet that Keanu and Sandra would be the cutest couple in the world if married. This resulted in news that Keanu might marry Sandra. That’s not going to happen anyway, replied our 55-year-old actor, Reeves.

‘Falling in Love and having a relationship are two different things’ says Mr. Reeves. What else can we understand rather than this?

This is the reason for the buzz that Keanu Reeves may get married soon but amongst all, one could easily find out that Keanu Reeves was not interested in marriage.