Cyclone Nisarga was a tropical cyclone that hit the border of Maharashtra. It started deep in the Arabian Sea. The India Meteorological Department predicted that it would hit the coastline of Maharashtra. Amidst the COVID-19 and many other issues, Nisarga was yet another blow to the country. Let’s have a look how it went down. In addition to that what changes are about to come in the climate.

The Formation Of Cyclone

Cyclone is named Nisarga according to the list of formal names generated by all countries. The naming of cyclones in the Indian Ocean began in 2000 and a formula was agreed in 2004.

Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Myanmar, Oman, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Thailand were part of the panel. Later in 2018 Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Yemen joined as well.

Cyclones around the world are named by Regional Specialised Meteorological Centres and Tropical Cyclone Warning Centres. There are a total of six RSMCs and five TCWCs, including the India Meteorological Department. This name was next in the list after Amphan. Moreover, it is suggested by Bangladesh.

Effect Of The Cyclone Over The Week

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During 31 May 2020, an area of low pressure developed over the South Eastern Arabian Sea. As a result, on 31st it remained as a well marked low pressure area over the same region. On the early morning of 1st June it strengthened into a depression over east-central and south-east Arabian Sea.

At the same time about 340km south-west of Goa, 630 km south-southwest of Mumbai and 850 km south-southwest of Gujarat it formed its centre.

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It was a tense week as Mumbai and many other cities of Maharashtra braced for cyclone Nisarga. In addition to the rising cases of corona patients they had to deal with nature at its worst. Parts of Maharashtra and Gujarat dealt with heavy rainfall caused by the effect of the cyclone Nisarga.

Two people lost their lives due to rain-related incidents caused by the cyclone’s effect. In addition to that, six injured themselves. Other than that, the anticipation ended in relief as the cyclone weakened. Madhya Pradesh saw the effect as rainfall along with the other northern states.