Whoever worked free for an internship letter give me a cheer? you can’t possibly ‘cheer’ because there was nothing cheerful. 

Tired, dejected, bored, given up on life – just a few words/phrases that describe the life of an intern. Those extra chip on your shoulder in form of an internship letter demands blood, sweat, time and lots and lots of FREE labor.

grab your opportunity with internship

It is difficult to find a decent internship.

a) The internship business works highly on contacts, it is the same as nepotism in Bollywood, only worse.
b) You will dream of working in an Ad agency but you’ll end up finding an opportunity in events. At that moment, whatever life throws at you, you are game? You don’t have many options either.
c) It’s free labor, you are lucky if your internship pays.

Still, THE BEST learning opportunity.

You should do it because:

1) Experience- The feeling when you’ll first walk into an office cannot match anything in the world. Working with the professionals gives an unmatched level of confidence.

2) Exposure- An internship is a stepping stone towards a big career. With interning in different field you get opportunity to learn and explore your choices.

3) Network- A internships helps you develop a good contact network which will always be useful in your immediate near future.

4) Sneak-peak- It gives an opportunity to test the water before the main dive. That means, you get to have a hands-on experience of the work you’ll do the most part of your life. And, it’s never late to switch.

An internshit can be an internship if you are in the right place, it will give you direction and it will be like almost touching your dream. And, of course, the resume looks damn pretty!