There are some hidden truth about Indian education system that neither your teacher nor your parents will never tell you . So if you have been a part of the Indian education system at any point in your life ,then this for you.

Indian education system

Truth about the Indian Education System

The first truth

the Indian education system is that you are made to believe that marks really matter and marks will decide your future. Because your teacher tell you so.
But your marks are only going to determine the initial phase of your career. For the rest of your life it’s down to your real-world skills and the amount of work you put in.

burden on young shoulders due to institutionalization

So why are marks such a big deal in the Indian education system? So first understand the world institutionalization.

What is institutionalization

Institutionalization, process of developing or transforming rules and procedures that influence a set of human interactions.

Mostly teachers like tuition teachers ,school teacher ,coaches are all Institutionalized ,and its not their fault . Their entire life is expand in school and that’s why they give more importance to marks than real-world skills.


The education which we require from our school or college that’s only affect our life by 25% .Now most teacher will tell you that is that 25% of your life are going to determine the rest of your life’s 75%.

Truth number two

is that you are going to learn more from your friends than your teachers. Your teachers might teach you how to work hard and if they are really good teachers then they might teach you ethics.

But your friends gonna teach you the skills that gonna help you to get ahead in your career. Realistically speaking you are gonna have one or two job profile either you are gonna work in some kind of business or some kind of Corporate field.You are gonna have your own business, now in those situation, your number one is a skill required is communication skill. How will you are able to talk to people and more importantly the clarity of your own thought? How well you are able to take your thought and throw them out into the real world.

Group discussion ideas

You know the clarity of your thought and the confidence with which you talk to your best friend. You want to do that with your employee, your teammate, your bosses, your client, in short everyone in your life.
In life you are only gonna get so far, if you choose to walk alone. If you want to get ahead in your corporate career, it’s all about how you walk with your friend. That’s what you learn from school, from teamwork on group projects, learn how to work with different minds and personalities.

The third truth

At last the most shocking truth about the Indian education system may not be meant for you .

Verywell Mind

From a biological perspective, so to let me explain. Everyone brain is made up of two hemispheres. And each hemisphere are responsible for the different daily activities and different kind of thought process. So depending on your genetics take you either fall into club one where the left-hand side of your brain is a lot of stronger than the right-hand side of your brain. So if this is the case you are probably more logical, you are better at mathematics and problem-solving.

And in most cases the Indian education system does justice to this kind of person but club two is where it gets a little bit interesting.
People who have a stronger right-hand side hemisphere the the more inclined towards creativity towards art, they like thinking in free space.

And that’s the crucial point that these people do not like to work in structured format like the Indian education system.
So there should an education system in India by taking these two different people in mind.