The Easter Bunny is a symbol of Easter. It is believed that the rabbit brings Easter eggs. It is a legend that the rabbit lays, decorates and hides the eggs.

The creature brings colored eggs in his basket, candies and toys to the homes of children. The Easter Bunny is compared to Santa Claus because both of them bring gifts to the children.

Easter Bunny

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The story of Easter Bunny is thought to have become common in the 19th century. The symbol of Eostre, the goddess of fertility and spring, is believed to be a rabbit.

Why does the bunny bring eggs?

Have you ever thought that why does the Easter Bunny bring eggs? I mean that the rabbits are mammals and mammals never lay eggs. The answer is simple because the eggs and the rabbits have been the symbol of fertility, rebirth, and new life. All the things are associated with the springtime when the celebration of Easter takes place.

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