Surely Easter is over but we definitely want to know about the Easter Symbols and the different Easter Traditions.
But before that let us talk a little about the Easter.


Easter is also referred to as Resurrection Sunday or Easter Sunday. It’s a time of the year when Christians remember the death & resurrection of Jesus. According to the New Testament of the Bible, it occurs three days after the beheading of Jesus by Romans. It concludes the “Passion of Christ”.
It begins with a 40 days period of fasting – Lent.

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Now let’s talk about some Easter Symbols.

Easter Symbols

Easter symbols have evolved over time, though some are around for centuries. Here are some of the Easter Symbols:

Easter Bunny

The most prominent secular symbol of the Christian holiday is the Easter bunny. It was a symbol of new life in ancient times, and reminds us of spring and new life.

One of the Easter Symbols:Easter Bunny

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Easter Lilies

Easter Lilies symbolizes the purity of Jesus. it is common decoration in the Churches and home during the Easter holiday.

Easter Lilies

The Easter Cross

The Easter Cross symbolizes the victory of Jesus over Death.

Easter Traditions

Here are a few of the Easter Traditions that people practice during the Easter holidays.

Easter Parade

The Easter Parade tradition dates back to the mid-1800s. Average citizens started showing up along Fifth Avenue to check out the action. The Easter Parade tradition lives on in Manhattan, with Fifth Avenue from 49th Street to 57th Street being shut down during the day to traffic.

one of the Easter Traditions: The Easter Parade


Lamb is a traditional Easter food. Christians refer to Jesus as the “Lamb of God”.

Lamb traditional Easter food


A food eaten during Lent- the twisted shaped symbolizes arms crossed in prayer.

One of the traditional food of Easter.

So these were the few Easter Symbols and Easter Traditions. I hope you have liked it.