Traveling plays a crucial role in our education. The terms ‘ traveling’ and ‘education‘ can’t be alienated from one another. Our education remains incomplete while not movement.
“Traveling” suggests that going from one place to different places. In history movement was terribly troublesome and risky as a result of there have been no correct roads and transports.
A human had to pass hills and forests. He has to face the fury of nature, wild beasts, robbers and plenty of different obstacles.

Student waiting for the train

What is excursion?

Basically it is a trip by a group of people made for leisure, education or physical purposes.
Best places for excursion in India:

How transportation reduces the stress of traveling

With the help of science, the movement has currently become simple, cheap, fast. Thanks to the invention of steamships railways, electricity, motor cars, and airplanes. The journey from one place to and different place even in abroad has become terribly simple and cozy.

Relationship between Traveling and Education

Traveling is currently thought to be a crucial part of education. Instructional Tour will increase our data and new thoughts and concepts grow old in the U.S.A. The education of man remains incomplete if he doesn’t visit the necessary places of the planet. Reading of books solely provides man with 0.5 data.
However movement with eyes wide open and mind totally provides him full data.

Traveling conjointly removes his narrowness and superstitions. It makes a human sensible and self-directed. Because of the fabulous progress within the field of communication, movement these days involves fewer hazards. Hence, students should participate in instructional tours. it’s each fun and instructing for them. Then, there area unit seats of learning, that one could wish to visit. Instructional tour exposes your mind to the various cultures of Asian countries. The sensation of Unity in Diversity and Communal Harmony takes birth through instructional tours.

Enhancment of student ability during excursion.

The education of a student remains incomplete while not movement. Instructional establishments and tourer bureaus usually arrange study tours at reasonable rates. Schools and colleges organize visit to places that area unit of geographical or historical importance. Visit to historical places provide students with a sensible insight of the past events. When visiting these historical places, once these students examine those places or events, then they’re able to totally perceive the topic. It is ascertained that in cities student’s area unit movement doubly a year either with their individual schools/colleges or with their oldsters or friends.
As a result of there’s no monetary drawback with them, whereas students of the village faculties area unit bereft of such travels for his or her need of cash.
The government ought to inspect the matter and build arrangements for educational tours in Village faculties.

Excursion for education

Advantages of excursion

  • The opportunity to learn about new things in a less structured environment.
  • Exposure to new experiences.
  • Development of Social Skills.


These trips extend a much-needed break from the hectic daily schedule and an opportunity for the students and learners to bond with each other.
So, excursion helps in the development of the student’s education.

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