Today’s Education has a lot of flaws that make us rethink our decision in every turn, wait is this right oh I guess it is or is it? Let me tell you a story of a person whose real internship made him a totally different personality so here we go. When this person was in High School, he wants to get his hands-on electronics component to get to know it better as a first-hand person. So what he did was he called an HP Headquarters and luckily the person picks up the phone and he was convinced with this High school student and grants him a summer job training. This student learns a lot in this internship on how the company is running. Also, he gets prior experience in a good company. The chain of command and of course the electronics side of it.

So, this High School is none other than the mastermind and co-founder of TECH Company Apple STEVE JOBS.

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How to find a good internship?

What I have understood is that a good internship is just a phone call away, it’s all whether you can make that call or not. Trust me, it helps a lot if you want to have some experience and exposure at the same time.

I can understand internship works on the contacts that you have. Basically, it’s the next-gen nepotism. Even to be frank one of my friends got an internship in the top fortune 500 company just because his father works there.

So, what you have to do?

Look for programs in the company that you want to have experience, exposure on what the present /future trend, and finally the networks that you can make in the company.

Here is one such example, The INSAAS (Internship Supervision and Appraisal System) is a transparent body executing Internship. They are like the guides you need when you walking through the path of fire and all the command are connected and are approachable in projects which is extremely necessary or look into the company that help you land your product in the market there is maker space also.