Kerala State Beverages Corporation Limited released the BEVQ mobile app. Liquor Lovers can now book their favorite liquor through the app. BEVQ works as a virtual queue management system in order to reduce the queue in front of the liquor shop. Citizen of Kerala who wants to buy the Liquor, then they need to download the BEV Q Mobile App.


BEVQ app details

Name of GovernmentGovernment of Kerala
Government of KeralaKerala State Beverages Corporation
Application NameBEVQ
Mode of RegistrationBEVCO Application, SMS
Liquor Sale Timing9 AM to 5 PM
BenefitsTo get liquor with standing on long queues
Booking Timing6 AM to 10 PM
Article CategoryWine, Beer, Whiskey, Foreign and All other English
AvailabilityMaximum 3 litres Alcohol and Once in 4 days

To download the application click here

Price list of the available Liquor

You can find complete detail about the liquor queue token through SMS and collect your order easily.

Alcohol Brand Name180 ml375 ml500 ml750 ml1000 ml
Som’s Woodpecker Refreshing Larger Beer100
Som’s Woodpecker wheat beer100
Woodpecker Premium strong beer110
Luxury Kingfisher Strong Beer90
Kingfisher Strong Premier Malt Beer110
Kingfisher Storm Super Premium Strong Beer110
Kingfisher Deluxe Strong Beer90
Sunny Beaches Super Strong Beer100
Sunny Brandy200360410770820
Black Forest Brandy150310360670720
Casino Royal Housie Deluxe VSOP Brandy2104205308401040
Sikkim Deluxe Musk Brandy190370440730880
Axley XO Brandy27054063010701130
Sikkim 24 Carat Brandy90110230330270
Southern Spice VSOP Premium Brandy28056068011001360
Flamingo Fine French VSOP Brandy28057067011301400
Som Black Fort XXX Rum150310360670720
Blue Chip XXX Rum200360410770820
Super Mast XXX Matured Rum100200260390460
Sikkim XXX Prize Rum190370440730880
Mad General Dark Rum230460550910960
Black Horse XXX Premium Rum100110230270330
The Warehouse Matured Superior Cane Rum2504605809201160
Old Cruize Matured Superior Cane Rum XXX2505006309701250
Blue Chip Orange Vodka200410460820920
Blue Chip Vodka200360410770820
Flip Apple Finest Vodka160320370630730
Flip Vodka Original160320370630730
Flip Vodka Coffee160320370630730
Knight Owl Vodka25050063010001130
VD Amla Strawberry Wine100190370
VD Amla Grape wine100190370