“is bhaag daud bhari zindagi mei thakna manna he”? How will this be possible if all you do is feed on junk. The 4/7 times a week we are eating healthy is also bad healthy. Let’s go about it step by step to know more. food for the soul okok food 4 thought

Eat the first meal of the day food for the soul

Since we are always running late, we always skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast is a crime for a healthy lifestyle. Always consume sumptuous breakfast that should include fruits/eggs/wholegrain bread/muesli with vegetables/oats food for the soulfood 4 thought

Shop your food well

Avocado might sound fancy but eat local fruits and vegetables. When you eat local you eat fresh. The ‘wellington apple” is processed and aged and hence not the best alternative to your local apple. Well, a wellington apple a day might not keep doctor away.food for thoughtfood 4 thought

Smaller portion = Better Health

Eat in smaller portions at a time and in a smaller container. We are taught to stuff our tummies till they begin to hurt, time to unlearn that. Eat as much as required.

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Slow and steady will win this race.

Don’t be glutton while consuming your meal. Respect it and hence eat it slowly. When you eat slowly you give the time to the brain to register your appetite. Therefore, signal you to stop eating when it is full.

food for the soul , food for thought

Jal hi jeewan he” quite literally food 4 thought

Everyone knows this fact but few follow it, Drink water. Water can solve all the problems. Have pimple? Drink water. Have ingestion? Drink water. Breakup? Drink water(with alcohol) food for the soul