To look healthy and charming throughout the day and to enjoy the day with great enthusiasm we should take care of our breakfast. It is something that kick-starts our metabolism. Having a healthy breakfast that is having slow-burning fats through a natural and healthy menu makes you able to concentrate and feel fresh. It is said that- ‘A good start leads to a nice end’. And if your morning starts with freshness then you will be happy for the rest of the day.  

Having breakfast in the morning can boost you but many times we consume such things that lead to opposite effects which can even have worse effects on your health. That is why we should avoid consuming the following as breakfast.

What to avoid in a breakfast

  • Toast and bread:

One should avoid eating toast and jam at breakfast. Toast consists of a huge amount of carbohydrates and some fiber. Toast is low in fat, nutrients, and protein. Having toast and jam in the morning can result in weight gain. According to Spanish researchers, white bread is nothing but the ‘bomb of sugar’ and eating white bread can lead to obesity.

Bread as breakfast
  • Ice-cream :

Eating ice-cream at breakfast is really a bad idea. Ice-cream contains a large amount of sugar in it. According to researchers, eating sugar in the morning is harmful in many ways. It can be ironic to say but it is true that in the long turn eating sugar in the morning can increase your depression, increases your chances of getting Alzheimer’s, can reduce your brain functionality. If you want a healthy life and look smart then you should avoid sugary stuff like ice-cream.

Ice-cream as breakfast
  • Noodles:

Noodles are inexpensive and easy to prepare. But having noodles in the morning is not good. It contains more amounts of sodium, MSG, carbohydrates, fats. Both of them have a worse effect on our health. They are low in fiber, protein, and calories. And our morning breakfast should be as if it should contain more fiber, protein, and calories. So noodles it should not be our choice as a breakfast.

Noodles as breakfast
  • Packed juice:

Having packed juice in breakfast is not at all healthy choices. There are many who think that consuming packed juice is an alternative to the fresh fruits and they are getting the same health benefits as fresh fruit has. But it is not true. Packed juice contains plenty of sugar and is high in fructose. They are low in fiber. It increases blood insulin levels. And it is better to avoid such packed juice and drink real juice.

Packed juice as breakfast

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