India’s Prime Minister ordered 21 days lockdown to 1.3 billion people to fight against the coronavirus spread. No one can leave their house for 21 days lockdown. People can only go out to bring supplies for their families or only if there is any medical emergency.

People need to stay in their homes without going outside. All functions and festivals where people will gather is strictly banned. In some states too, article 144 is strictly followed to stop people gathering as it is the main reason for spreading the harmful virus COVID -19.

In India the spread rate is very low as compared to the situation in China, the US, Italy. The death rate is very low as compared to the Nipah virus but the problem with the COVID -19 is that medicine is not invented for this virus.

Image source-Pexels

India has suspended all visas for foreigners until mid-April. By taking small measures we can avoid the coronavirus spread. They are,

  • Wash hands regularly
  • Use hand sanitizer after comes from outside
  • if someone had symptoms try to keep them in isolation
  • Strictly follow quarantine
  • Do not go-to public gatherings
  • Avoid close contact with other people
  • Do not touch the nose, mouth, and eyes with hands regularly.

By taking simple steps we can fight against this virus. Let’s build a ‘ My World Your World ‘ with no more virus and only peace. So, if we care for our family and other people then we must avoid going outside for now. It is for our good only. We all can fight this together.

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