The Last Dance has gained international recognition since it began airing in April. It is a documentary series about the NBA player Michael Jordan and his dominant Chicago Bulls. The documentary series focuses on Chicago Bulls’ final championship season in 1997-98. The Bulls allowed an NBA Entertainment crew to follow them as they went for their sixth NBA title in eight seasons.

The documentary also features many never before seen footage and the interviews from the 1997–98 NBA season. The Last Dance also offers a glimpse into the relationship between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. The fifth episode of the series is dedicated to Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020.

The documentary had 5.6 million same-day viewers on ESPN. However, there are many controversies related to this documentary.

The Last Dance Controversy

Chicago Bulls in The Last Dance

There has been much controversy surrounding the series and the Chicago Bulls team.

Michael Jordan has been accused of telling lies during the final episode of ‘The Last Dance’. Jordan has claimed that he, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, and coach Phil Jackson would have signed a one-year contract for the 1998-99 season if owner Jerry Reinsdorf had made an offer.

However, Sam Smith who is the author of ‘The Jordan Rules’ denies it. ‘They weren’t major, but the thing at the end was a complete, blatant lie’, said Smith. He was referring to Jordan saying he would return for the 1998-99 season.

With Jordan retiring that year, the Bulls underwent a major rebuild with Jackson, Pippen, and Rodman also leaving the team.

Smith also denies Jordan’s claims surrounding the ‘Flu Game’ in the 1997 NBA Finals saying that the food poisoning pizza story was a ‘complete nonsense’. Jordan had claimed in ‘The Last Dance’ that a poisoned pizza was responsible for his illness before Game 5 against the Utah Jazz. Smith said,‘ The pizza thing, the poison, that was complete nonsense.

Michael Jordan and Horace Grant Controversy

There has been a long time rivalry between Michael Jordan and Horace Grant. Jordan and Grant who were teammates from 1987 until 1993, won three titles together during the Bulls’ first three-peat. But their relationship became sour before Jordan left to go play baseball.

Jordan blamed Grant during “The Last Dance” for giving Smith most of the information. “I didn’t contribute to that,” Jordan said. “That was Horace. He was telling everything that was happening within the group.”

The Jordan Rules revealed a much different side to Jordan than the public had known until then.