Pete Davidson & Ariana Grande
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Love story of Pete Davidson & Ariana Grande and the reason for its end :

  • Ariana and Pete are dating and it’s casual,” a source told on May 21. ”it just started”.
  • Davidson posted the official engagement ring reveal on Instagram on June 15.
  • on June 16 the couple moved in together.
  • June 20 Davidson confirmed the engagement on ”The tonight show starring jimmy Fallon.”
  • on November 3 Davidson addressed the break-up on ”SNL.”


According to their sources, Ariana Grande split from Pete Davidson due to his lack of support after the death of Mac Miller. As one source says,” Ariana was devastated and Pete couldn’t handle it. Hence she realized she needs a grown-up who can support her and that’s not him.

Anyhow the couple started their journey with lots of crush, love and intention to stay with each other forever. Like always in the life of every individual. They immediately take a decision rather than taking time to analyze and understand their fitting requirements to be. Since we got a lesson from their experience that we should never make the early decisions of getting married and announcing it publicly.

A consequence of facing blames from their fans of the time following the attack and miller’s death. Ariana Grande told vogue in a cover interview; I was searching for healing and PTSD and talking to therapists, and everyone was like, ok I’ll go on tour you need a routine and so on. But nobody was able to understand what I wanted at that time. It was like devastating and I wanted to get out of that depression of losing Mac, All the memories that we spent together were coming inside my mind frequently and it was unable to digest that Mac is no more.

Since they enjoyed their short-lasting relationship by drawing the same tattoos on the same part of their bodies, hanging out and attending various events together and so on. Every moment was beautiful and after realizing some of their shortcomings in their human nature they have decided to part ways and search for the perfect fit in their lives.

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