Venustraphobia is the extreme fear of beautiful women.

Many men can be overawed by beautiful girls.While this is true , it takes intimidation to the extreme level.

Phobias are defined as an extreme or irrational fear to any one stimulus. At the same time, there is a big difference between the intimidation that many people feel around attractive women and a legitimate fear. Whats more , it can often lead to other problems.

What is Venustraphobia?

This name has originated from the Roman Goddess Venus. In fact she was allied with love and beauty and fruitfulness.Besides phobia is the Greek name for Fear. Venustraphobia is also identified as Caligynephobia.

Caligynephobia and Venustaphobia are related to Gynephobia and Gynophobia (fear of women).

What can be the symptoms of Venustraphobia?

emotion of fear of a boy due to an attractive women

Venustraphobia can differ from one person to another . It should be noted that depends on the extent of the fear, the individual’s characteristics, and emotional status at the phase of the stimulus . In this case of a beautiful woman walking past.

To begin with, individuals may suffer public problems in relation to Venustraphobia. As a result, people with this phobia may have a tough time being around (feeling uncomfortable, anxious, etc.) or even speaking to a lovely woman.

Moreover other symptoms such as panic attacks happens which is a sudden burst of extreme and ridiculous fear. Because of this , the sufferer feel seriously overwhelmed and emotionally low-slung. These have mental and physical symptoms. The mental symptoms, again, include anxiety, uneasiness, fear, loss of control, and even a sense of doom.

In contrast to that, physical symptoms cover a rapid heartbeat, faintness, giddiness, tingling or numbness, excessive sweating, sudden fear, chest pain, and difficulty in breathing.

Not only this but all of these symptoms may also appear without the beginning of a full blown panic attack.Clearly this happens in the presence of a lovely woman.

What causes Venustraphobia ( fear of beautiful women)?

a picture of a man showing an emotion of fear of seeing man or women

This is due to a variety of things. Most often disturbance is the cause of any phobia.

Venustraphobia can arise from, for example, failed relationships in the past. These can be a cause for mistrust in beautiful women, which might then grow into a panic of or phobia of them.

Moreover, concerns with confidence and self-esteem may also bring an outcome in the fear of beautiful women. In fact people who do not see themselves as good-looking, well off, etc. will often see such women as being above them. Apart from this they assume refusal. Also they will avoid its source namely beautiful women. On the whole this is the root cause of the extreme fear.

Obviously, these are not the only causes of Venustraphobia. Phobias might be just an odd condition that happened for no reason. Yet again, they are called irrational for a reason. Often at times, there is no real purpose, cause, or explanation for them.

How does one treat this fear?

  • In order to battle this one should take a positive tactic and be in control at all times. Trying out relaxation and yoga techniques will help one effortlessly in the long process.
  • Alternatively another way to control a phobia is to close your eyes to it, which is easier said than done. Though, if you ponder or talk about it, then one will create more alarm and anxiety, which might make that phobia even worse.
  • Furthermore do research about the phobia to gain more information. We say knowledge is power. At the same time, don’t always stay on the phobia or it can make it worse.
  • With this in mind, be a part of the discussion groups that allow one to talk about such fears. Actually these groups allow one to improve bonds with others with similar phobias and let you know that you are not on your own.
  • Most importantly surround oneself with positive and supportive people that you trust who can give support and feedback on your fear.
quote based on venustraphobia namely fear has two meanings