Emerging Trends in Modern Media- The Rise of Online Streaming


The latest trend of the cinema industry- online streaming- refuses to go to out of fashion any time soon. Online streaming is the new craze in the market right now and everyone loves it. Netflix broke the rules of traditional TV; no more waiting for your TV shows to air, watching boring ads in between movies or forgetting to record shows to watch later. For just nine dollars a month, you have access to hundreds of shows and movies that you can watch any day, any time and at your convenience.

After the success of Netflix, more online streaming services like Amazon Prime video, Hulu, Xfinity and others have entered the competition in providing the best tv shows to its members at affordable prices. Even Disney, a traditional studio, is set to launch it’s own streaming service in 2019. So what does this new form of TV mean for the cinema business? As more users prefer online streaming services over cable, it could deliver a crushing blow to many traditional broadcasting industries.

Netflix and other such companies could be the new titans in the world of production and distribution. There are already many low-budget shows and movies being produced explicitly and featured as “Netflix Originals” or “Amazon Originals” that have become quite popular. The revolutionary change initiated through video on demand and online streaming might dramatically change television and film as we know it.