Protests for racism equality spread across the globe. It was prominent in Australia as well. Black lives matter sees participation in form of rallies. Amid the COVID-19 situation, quite a number of people turned up.

Protesters at a Black Lives Matter rally at Langley Park in Perth. The protest was organised to raise awareness of Aboriginal deaths in police custody

Thousands of people took part in Black Lives Matter and pro-refugee protests and marches across Australia. Moreover, refugee advocates in Sydney defied a court order to take to the city’s streets.

The protests came as Victoria. Along with that they recorded eight new coronavirus cases. A GP who worked at three medical clinics while he may have been infectious.

At Perth’s Black Lives Matter event, more than expected number of people came in support. In addition to that, a torrential downpour midway through the rally was not enough to disperse them.

Black lives matter before The safety for corona virus

Administrators were requesting to not come for protests. the were afraid of the rise in corona virus cases. Organisers ignored the pleas of the West Australian premier, Mark McGowan, and Aboriginal affairs minister, Ben Wyatt.

They pleaded to delay the protest until after the coronavirus pandemic was over. But social distancing requests were largely followed by attendees. Most of them wore face masks and used available hand sanitiser.

Thousands protest in Sydney. Organisers urged attendees to try to observe social distancing

Human rights lawyer and activist Hannah McGlade asked for an independent investigation of the 432 Indigenous deaths in custody recorded in Australia in the past 30 years.

Know where the Black lives matter and George Floyd’s story started.