Boys locker room

The boys locker room case has been in the limelight for quite a while now. Boys Locker Room went viral when the screenshots of their chats on Instagram were shared on social media. The group members were sharing morphed photos of some minor girls. There was also a discussion about planning a sexual assault on a girl. In the screenshots, a boy named Sidharth can be seen planning about raping a minor girl while speaking to another boy. However, the other boy refuses to participate in the discussion.

The police have been investigating this case and there is a new plot twist in the case now. According to an investigation of the Cyber Cell, the guy who was discussing the sexual assault was a girl. The girl posed as a guy named Sidharth planned her rape in an attempt to test the other boy’s character. The main purpose of the girl sending such messages using a fake id was to check the reaction of the boy. She wanted to know the strength of his character, especially when someone talks bad things about the girl herself.

After knowing the truth behind the whole incident, many people on social have come forward in defense for the boys in the ” Boys Locker Room”. Some people said that the whole incident was a trick to defame innocent men by certain women. While others have criticized the silent feminists who caused an outrage against the Boys Locker Room chats when it went viral.

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Two different conversations

According to the police investigation, the boys locker group is on Instagram. However, the one-to-one chat had taken place on Snapchat and was not the part of the boys locker room chats. Both of the conversations were different but got mixed up by coincidence. The Snapchat conversation went viral when the boy whom Sidharth has been texting shared the screenshot with his friends as well as the girl herself.

A police officer said, “This Snapchat conversation about assaulting a girl had nothing to do with the Bois Locker Room group. It is a separate conversation, on a separate platform. Due to its sensational nature and due to its availability in different student groups, it got mixed up with the ‘Bois Locker Room’ case.” 

How people reacted to this?

People reacted to this situation by sharing memes on the Boys Locker Room. Some of them are as follows: