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Today, with the help of social media we are connected to all our loved ones, no matter where they are. We get live updates, about anything happening around the world. We are up-to-date with everything. Social media allows us to share any information or news. This news can either be true or it can be fake. Nowadays, people spend most of their time online but is it safe or not? Let’s find out.

Pros of Social Media

There are many advantages to social media. The first one is that; we can be in touch with everyone with the help of social media. It’s as if they are with you, in person.

We also come to know about different viewpoints regarding an issue or discussion, which you might not have thought about. Through such cases, we can analyze a situation through different points of view.

We can spread awareness regarding any issue or problem. As we are connected with everyone, we can easily alert others. People also use social media, to express their concerns and problems. When this happens, unknown people also reach out to them, to try and help them. Such incidents are always heartwarming.

Information on social media spreads very easily. For instance, in some cases, this has helped the police to catch criminals, just by sharing the criminal’s details and pictures. We can also inquire about missing people.

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Many share their reviews about places, books, movies, etc, online. By reading such reviews, we get an idea about that place or that book. Hence, we can decide whether we are for or against it.

Social media also allows us to raise funds for anyone in need, just by sharing their problem. There have been many instances where money was raised for funding a person’s treatment.

We can promote a business on social media platforms, for free of cost. These platforms allow us to reach a larger audience.

Cons of Social Media

Now let’s move on to the disadvantages, which seem to be a concern today. The primary concern is definitely spreading of fake or incorrect news. People don’t even bother checking whether the information they receive is true or not. There have been many victims of wrong information and rumors. Such rumors can easily destroy a life. Therefore, one has to be very careful while spreading any information.

The present generation is said to be addicted to social media. People who are addicted to social media, don’t spend any time with their families and friends. It strains their relationships with all their loved ones. If we spend too much time online, it also has a negative impact on our health.

Since all our details are online, anyone can hack and access this information. Identity theft is one of the most prevalent problems today. Anyone can impersonate us and gain access to our bank accounts or money.

Also, people do all sorts of stuff, just for gaining a number of followers and likes on their accounts. After some time, this might turn into an obsession. For example, people have died while trying to take selfies at dangerous places, for the sake of posting them online.

Cyberbullying is another issue on social media platforms. People spread malicious rumors and post hate comments online, with the confidence that they will never be caught. To deal with such hatred is not easy. Celebrities usually have to deal with such things.

Platforms that were created for sharing information and for communication are being used for the wrong purposes. Awareness must be spread regarding the merits and demerits of social media. People should use such platforms for the greater good rather than causing harm or trouble.