Corona, has disabled us all humans and all the world forces and superpowers are kneeling down in front of this ghastly virus. Humans have misused their power. We have been very irresponsible towards our environment and now we must learn to coexist.

I woke up with an unfamiliar sound, this morning. It was much unlike my regular morning alarm. The blazing horns or the one I put on my phone. This sound was soothing music that was calming and refreshing. It was the chirping of the birds. Today my eyes opened much before then the normal days. I got to follow the routine of my dreams, the ideal routine I had always envisaged. Where I’d wake up early, indulge in some fitness regime and carry on with the day. I successfully completed all the tasks until noon and there was nothing left.

The realization

What happened next, was “the moment” of my dream day. Out of nowhere I got the urge to enjoy the view from my balcony, which was nothing but the show of gaudy automobiles. But today’s view was wondrous, I could not see a single automobile on that vast charcoal laden stretch.

What I could see was the empty roads, howling silence. This was, however, short-lived, when two dogs and a folk of birds couldn’t see the road in the dire need of attention. The two dogs were merrily roaming on the road without any fear of getting run over by any vehicle and losing their lives. It seemed the birds too, were enjoying the most waited walk on the attention-seeking roads, they were having “the time of life”. All humans were put to house-arrest so there was no intervention. The dogs were playing around among themselves and then with the birds too. It looked like the world is at their feet and not in control of the mighty and uncharitable human beings.

I had never imagined that I’d witness such a time in my life. Where human life would be put to a halt, in a world which is dominated by so many man-made things. That man, will feel so powerless in front of the monstrous CORONA and all the other existence on the planet. The helpless humans who are allowed to go out are facing an all-time threat against the consumption of their lives. They are risking their survival every moment.

Message is to coexist

        This very difficult quarantine time has taught me so much. I’d like to mention compassion as one of the things. The compassion I feel for the other living beings. All the puny animals, the trees which are slashed down to raise buildings, who, in turn, are our oxygen cylinders, the natural air conditioners and air purifiers.

After giving the example of the trees, I can’t even include the animals as a part of the discussion because they hold no value in human life. Their rightful lands are occupied for human use. All the things are implemented in the face of technological advancements. But after the ascend of the hideous corona the other living beings have got access to what is rightfully theirs, with the confinement of humans there’s the least usage of vehicles, airplanes, leading to the fresh air and less pollution.

Thus, the time has come where humans must learn to coexist because, the other creatures cannot speak to us or kill us like we do, but nature has shown that it is all-powerful and the planet earth is for all and we are not the only ones here. In the wake of the corona, nature has given us a warning against destroying one of God’s best creations, our very own planet, Earth.

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